Find the Perfect Contacts for Your Lifestyle

Find the Perfect Contacts for Your Lifestyle

Contact lenses are a more convenient alternative to eyeglasses. They feel virtually weightless and are easy to wear. Furthermore, the right pair of lenses can correct your vision with little interruption to your lifestyle.


Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

Are you planning to switch to contact lenses? Do you know how to choose the perfect contacts for your lifestyle? If not, you should consult your eye doctor at Insight Eyecare before deciding. The ideal choice will depend on several factors. These include your refractive error, willingness and ability to care for your lenses, expectations, and how much your eyes can tolerate contact lenses.


How Often Are You Planning to Wear Your Contacts?

How often do you plan to wear your contacts? Most people prefer soft contact lenses because they can wear them comfortably part-time or full-time. But if you plan to wear them consistently, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are the wise option. 


Sharpness of Vision

If you depend on good eyesight to do your job efficiently, you want contacts that will provide sharper vision. Rigid gas permeable contacts typically take some getting used to at first. However, they usually offer better sharpness than soft lenses. That is especially so for people with astigmatism. 


Do You Want to Wear Them Overnight?

If you like the idea of overnight wear, choose contact lenses that let high amounts of oxygen pass through them. They should also have FDA approval for overnight use. However, it would help to ask your eye doctor whether wearing contacts continually, including overnight, is safe for you. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine whether they can tolerate overnight wear.


Can You Care for Your Contact Lenses Properly?

When shopping for contact lenses, the last thing you want is to develop a contact lens-related eye condition. To prevent complications such as corneal ulcers and fungal eye infections, you should care for your contacts properly. Always use the contact lens solutions recommended by your eye doctor. 

If you choose disposable contact lenses, you will have a reduced risk of developing eye infections. Daily lens care is still essential to protect your eyes from diseases. So, if you do not want to deal with the task of cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses every day, go for daily disposable contacts. You must discard them after use and wear a new pair the next day.


Is Eye Color Important to You?

You should consider color contact lenses if you are looking for a new look. These soft lenses can change or enhance your eye color even if you have dark eyes. Also known as costume or theatrical contacts, these lenses can dramatically alter the appearance of your eyes. They are trendy during Halloween. That said, they are medical devices that require a prescription and professional fitting.

Due to technological advances, you have more contact lens options than ever. That can make it challenging to find the perfect contacts for your lifestyle. After all, manufacturers design contact lenses for specific uses, such as office environments or sports. So, it would help if you learned how to choose the right contacts for whatever you do.

For more on contact lenses, visit Insight Eyecare at our Las Vegas, Nevada office. Call (702) 718-7163 to schedule an appointment today.

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