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Allergies or Eye Disease? How to Spot the Symptoms

Allergies and eye disease are two very different medical conditions, but they can sometimes be mistaken for one another due to overlapping symptoms. In fact, it's not uncommon for people to dismiss serious eye conditions as mere allergies – a misunderstanding that can lead to delayed treatment and potentially severe complications.

Kids and Sunglasses: Why It's Important to Start Early for Lifelong Eye Health

The importance of sunglasses for kids cannot be overstated. They serve as a protective shield, safeguarding your child's eyes from harmful UV rays.

Why Routine Eye Exams Become More Important As You Age

The importance of routine eye exams goes beyond ensuring you have 20/20 vision. These annual check-ups are crucial for maintaining overall eye health and detecting potential issues early.

Glaucoma: Early Warning Signs, Testing, and Treatment

Over three million Americans, including 2.7 million individuals over 40, suffer from glaucoma. A concerning aspect of the condition is its tendency to exhibit no noticeable symptoms.

How to Choose the Right Eye Drops for Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition in the United States, affecting about 16.8 million people. The condition's symptoms can significantly impact the quality of your life.

The Importance of UV Protection With Sunglasses

The light from the sun eclipses by far all artificial sources. Still, light is only part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

How to Prevent Eyestrain From Digital Devices

Eyestrain is a common issue that occurs when the eyes get tired from intense use. Driving for long distances and prolonged use of computers or digital devices can lead to eyestrain.

The Benefits of Ortho-k Vision Correction

It may seem like a fantasy having corrective lenses that address myopia and slow its progression. Yet, this is a reality with ortho-k lenses. Advances in technology are driving the popularity of these lenses. 

How to Prevent and Treat Common Eye Infections

You might have an eye infection if you are experiencing discomfort in your eye, such as pain, inflammation, itching, or redness. These infections can fall into three groups: bacterial, fungal, or viral. Each group requires a different type of treatment. Fortunately, it is easy to identify eye infections, allowing you to receive appropriate treatment. 

Finding the Best Eye Doctor for You: A Guide

Keeping your health in check is key to living a good quality life, and most people try to live as healthy as they can. But despite all the efforts to live healthily, health issues can still take you by surprise. Most times, the problems that rear their ugly heads to derail your life could have been stewing underneath for some time. All it would have taken to find them out early was a checkup.

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