Tips on Choosing the Best Contact Lens Solution

Tips on Choosing the Best Contact Lens Solution

If you wear contact lenses or are planning to get some, it is essential to take good care of them. Proper care of contact lenses is vital to ensure their effectiveness and to protect your eye health. A contact lens solution is necessary for proper care. 


There are various types and brands to choose from, making it difficult to purchase a contact lens solution. Picking the right one for your lenses is vital to protect your eyes. Here are tips on choosing the best contact lens solution.  


Type of Lens Solution 


It is necessary to know lens solutions are not a one-solution-fits-all, so you need to know the differences. You need to understand the different solutions available to purchase the type recommended for your needs. Find out whether you need a multipurpose or a hydrogen peroxide solution. 


The lens solutions contain various chemicals to help clean and disinfect the lenses. If you do not have sensitive eyes or are looking for a convenient option, choose a multipurpose lens solution. Peroxide solutions are ideal for sensitive eyes or eyes prone to allergies. 


Ability to Disinfect 


When choosing a lens solution, you should consider the disinfectant potential. Lens solutions must meet specific standards in their ability to disinfect. For best results, purchase solutions that adequately remove protein deposits or lipids. 


Some solutions contain a single chemical to disinfect lenses. Solutions with H2O2 provide better resistance to bacteria and other corneal infiltrates. A two-step cleaning solution is usually more effective than a one-step. 


Cleaning and Soak Time


Convenience is a vital factor in choosing cleaning solutions. Different lens solutions have different soaking directions. When buying a solution, determine whether you are ready to follow the extra steps required. 


Multipurpose solutions are less complicated than hydrogen peroxide and require fewer steps. You should soak H2O2 lenses for up to six hours to avoid irritating the eyes. Think about your lens type when considering convenience. 


Consider Eye Comfort


The best contact lens solutions should mimic human tears at around 7.5 pH. It will help ensure that the solution keeps the eyes hydrated for maximum comfort. Various components increase the level of comfort and longevity. 


They include lubricants, humectants, and surfactants. Hyaluronan is an ingredient that helps increase comfort by remaining on silicone lenses for 20 hours. 


Cost of the Solution


When shopping for a contact lens solution, you should consider the price. If you desire convenience and comfort without going broke, consult your eye doctor for recommendations. However, remember that brand-name solutions may be more expensive but are usually safer. 


Some generic or off-brand solutions have chemical components that may alter their effectiveness. It is crucial to check the ingredients when making a purchase. Hydrogen peroxide solutions tend to be costlier than multipurpose ones. 


The ingredients in contact lens solutions determine what the solution can do. Talk to the eye doctor about the ingredients that make the solution right for you. Reading and comparing clinical trials can help you make the best decision. When you get contact lenses, your doctor can help you choose the right lens solution. Ensure that you follow directions when using the products. 


For tips on choosing the best contact lens solution or to book a visit, call Insight Eyecare at (702) 718-7163 for our Las Vegas, Nevada office. 

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