Top Eye Tips When You Live in the Desert

Top Eye Tips When You Live in the Desert

Summertime in areas with a desert climate like Las Vegas can be remarkably hot. There’d be sweltering daylight hours with the dry wind blasting in gusts. A common problem when you live in the desert is dry eye. Experts believe that drier air may increase symptoms in those already at risk of this eye condition. Your eyes are a unique organ as it’s especially vulnerable to countless environmental factors. They’re only about 22 millimeters long, but they’re sensitive to the air and everything in your surroundings. Do you want to keep your eyes healthy in these challenging towns? Here are some top eye tips to consider when you live in the desert:


  • Use Lubricating Eye Drops. One of the best ways to protect your eyes in the desert is to use lubricating eye drops. This way, you can ensure that your eyes don’t dry out and can function optimally. Not only will the solution help your eyes feel better, but it will also allow your eyes to focus correctly as well as flush irritants like dust and pollen. Due to extremely low humidity in the desert, you might not even be aware of how dry your eyes are, which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Besides lubricating eye drops, you may also opt for tear ointments as they’re thicker and tend to last longer.


  • Wear Polarized Sunglasses. Another way to maintain healthy eyesight is by wearing polarized sunglasses. The lenses are designed to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters your eyes. Sand and rocks in the desert generally have high crystalline quartz content. These make them highly reflective. Not only does the virtually invisible filter built into your lenses reduce glare, but it can also make images look clearer and sharper. Besides, most polarized lenses have ultraviolet (UV) protection and other features, such as anti-scratch coatings.


  • Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat. While sunglasses protect your eyes, a wide-brimmed hat will protect your face, especially the sensitive skin around your eyes. Harmful rays from the sun can sneak around the edges of your sunglasses. It’s best to wear a hat with a brim that’s at least three inches. Opt for the kind with no holes and are tightly woven made from breathable fabric. A wide-brimmed hat can block as much as half of all harsh UV light from your eyes and eyelids. The more sun protection you have, the better.


  • Stay Hydrated. A hot, arid environment can quickly suck the water right out of you, with you barely noticing it. Drinking plenty of water is vital when temperature and humidity levels are sky-high. Not only is it crucial in rehydrating your eyes and alleviating dry eye symptoms, but you can also be sick from getting too hot if your body can’t compensate for it. Sweat generally doesn’t evaporate as quickly if the humidity level is high. This prevents your body from cooling down as fast as it needs to.


You can safeguard your eyes by paying attention to sun safety as part of your daily routine. Are you experiencing any issues with your eye or vision health? Visit Insight Eyecare today in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call us now at (702) 718-7163 to schedule your consultation.

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