Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important for Learning

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important for Learning

This year, many students and parents have had mixed feelings about school. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for students to have normal learning programs. Hopefully, the problem will resolve soon and the world will move on. Soon students will be back in the preparation that goes on before schools reopen. One important thing to consider before school reopening is having eye exams for learners. A comprehensive eye exam is important before going back to school. Here is why.


It Helps to Detect Problems

When children have vision problems, they may not detect it since they are still growing. It is good to have comprehensive eye exams at a young age. Some eye conditions manifest during younger years. A specialist can identify them early enough and intervene.


Lifestyle Changes

The digital age is affecting the quality of vision in young people. In the past, people worried about their vision when they were older. The modern child is introduced to bright light and screens at an early age. Eye problems are starting at an early age these days. Cases of childhood myopia are on the rise. If the child cannot see the front of the class properly, learning becomes a challenge.


Detection of Threatening Conditions

Some eye conditions start early and they worsen as you grow older. Macular degeneration and myopia are examples of such cases. Vision therapy from an early age helps the patient to manage threatening conditions that may lead to vision loss later on.


Helps to Detect Other Conditions

Sometimes, the physician can detect a life-threatening condition in the body by observing the eyes. Eye exams can help to determine if you have other underlying conditions. People with anemia and low iron levels have extremely white eyes. People with high cholesterol can be detected using an eye test. Type two diabetes can also present in eye conditions. Some types of skin cancers can present in the eyelids.


To Check for Milestone Development

Children should get eye exams starting from birth. The exams can help to determine if they are going through their milestones the way that they should. Visual screening helps to determine the child’s quality of life. Sometimes, they may be lagging from their peers because they have a visual impairment. Good eyesight is important especially for school-going children. If the child has trouble with vision, their interaction with others at school is compromised.


How Do You Know if a Child Needs a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Routine eye exams may not be as thorough for a school-going child. However, if your child holds reading material too close or too far, it’s time for a comprehensive exam. Other red flags include recurring headaches, constant eye rubbing, squinting, and blinking a lot. If your child omits little words or tilts to read with one eye, then they need a special eye exam. It is good to have an eye exam before schools reopen so that you can get your clean bill of vision.


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